Saturday, February 18, 2012

Olivia 2 Week Doctor's Appointment

On Wednesday February 15th, Olivia went in for her 2 week checkup and here are her stats:

8 pounds 0.5 ounces
19.5 inches long 

The doctor said her color is looking fabulous, she is no longer yellow at all (although now John says how she is so pale all the time and I kindly remind him how pale I am...) and that she can be fed on demand now that she has gained back the appropriate weight. She now eats about 3 ounces every 2-4 hours, and only wakes up to eat 2-3 times per night. She is still wearing Newborn clothes, although I don't think they will last the week, and she is officially out of Newborn Diapers. My little girl is growing like a weed!


  1. I love reading your posts. Olivia is getting growing too fast! Post more pics!

  2. Wow! She is growing so fast. I can't wait to see her!